Wednesday, September 10, 2008


"The time has come to let go of certain elements of the past. At the moment, this may seem like a defeat. But first you must relinquish what's no longer of use, clearing the way for the new. And that promises to be as rewarding as it s unexpected."

I never bother to look at horoscope. They all just lies and just a waste of time. In fact, I think its pathetic those who are fanatic about it. I mean com'on, you dont need a piece of crap to tell you what to do in your life. Thats what I thought all these while.

One blue day however, I accidentally come across and I read mine. My frowning face slowly turns into a grin, then a laughter. Haha. Somehow the horoscope reads something that I really needed to hear at that particular moment. What a coincidence, what an irony.

I haven't let go of certain thing that holding me back, and that horoscope put a sense of clarity back to me. So it did help me at that particular time.

Anyway, thats the first and the last horoscope for me. I mean yeah, if it make sense and its logical to applied to your problem, why not take it as just a guidance. Becareful not to really believe it 100% and put faith in it as that will be a Syirik, and no we don't want that, now we?

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