Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Honda City

Here's a peek of the new Honda City, launched recently in Thailand. The design has much improve from its previous predecessors. The new City is no longer use the Jazz platform. No more awkward disproportionate Jazz-with-a-bonnet look or some would say the 'dolphine' look.

In fact, the roof height dropped 25mm lower from the last model, while its slightly longer by 5mm and wider by 5 mm. So yeah, Honda has rectified the awkwardness of City! yeay!
At least Honda is listening to the market. Lets hope Toyota would do the same in future. Please, remove all the Vios-Dugong from the streets! Its just hideous to see!

I will seriously consider this car in future. But lets wait until my Darknight starts to buat perangai first lah. Alhamdulillah so far, no major problem yet. In fact with a some modifications, she handles like a dream now. hehe. Goodbye for now, Honda City. Till we meet again.
Check out when it matches with Modulo kits. Its HOT !! Definitely I dont mind getting this.Check out and for more info.

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