Saturday, August 09, 2008

ANC, the one that got away

Last Wednesday was the last Majlis Anugerah Dekan for me. Finally the thought of my student life is over starts to kick in. I never thought the day would come. 7 long years it has been.

Majlis Anugerah Dekan reminds me of my tale of near miss. Back in Diploma days, I missed my Anugerah Naib Cansellor (ANC) by only 0.01 GPA, back in the 4th semester. ANC are awarded to those who scored 3.5 GPA on ALL SEMESTER throughout your diploma or degree program. Oh it would have been sweet in my resume if I did. That was the only award that we targeted as there were no such things as first class or second class upper for Diploma. Well, it was like a splinter in my flesh because Diploma provides the most realistic chance of getting it.

Degree, as expected was much harder to achieve ANC. In fact, no one has been able to make the cut. I missed out on 2 occasions out of the 8 semester. sigh.

I managed to get cGPA of 3.62 for both Diploma and Degree. And for the overall count, I managed to score above 3.5 GPA on 10 occasions out of 13. Though my dream of having to wear the ANC thingie on my convocation will always be a splinter in my flesh, it will be forgotten when this time around, I could enjoy the moment of having be on the first class honours list! and even sweeter, I can escape my RM28k loan repayment to PTPTN!! woohooooo!! SWEET!


Shifa said...

ok, aku igt peristiwa tu..
aku yg check result ko waktu tu kan..
pastu serba salah nak bgtau..

Farhan Akmal said...

haha..igt lagi ko ek? hehe. aku dah samar2 je.. yg aku cuma igt yg benda tu aku xkan lupekan sampai bile2. haha.

frust menonggeng jugak lah. :D

Shifa said...

bukan ke waktu tu ko membuat cubaan merokok? =p

Farhan Akmal said...

hahahha bagusla memory ko!

serious aku tak igt!

tp cam kelaka gile je. hahahhaha

zaman budak hingusan.. besala