Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I absolutely love Transformers. Be it the cartoon, the movie or the action figure. I dont have to tell you how cool they are right? Great looking car/jets/trucks? check. Awesome looking robots? check. Fantastic engineering feat in transforming? check.

Ive started my action figure fetish when I was in primary school. I had Optimus Prime, Sideswipes, Jazz, and all 6 Constructicons which can combine to form 1 big robot, Devastator. I remember playing them with Azry and sometimes exchange robots for weeks.

I thought playing with those robots is just a phase in my childhood life, like any other child.
Turned out I was wrong. The recent Transformers movie has bring out the inner child of me. Hasbro played a big part too. Their latest robots are soo beautiful yet soo complicated. I was amazed on the the mechanics and the engineering aspects of the robots transforming into their vehicle mode. At first, my intention was only to get Bumblebee, but one thing lead to another, I ended up with Bumblebee plus Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Brawl, Barricade, Blackout and Megatron. haha. They are seductive!

And so this is what I did with my excess free time today. Enjoy.

p/s: click on the images for larger picture.


qiqi said...

assalamualaikum.wah.awesome!u better satisfy ur passion towards ur robots now b4 selling them to a 2703 diamond ring!!!hahahaha. cant wait to see it happen! la!!!u can have them forever..diamond ring does'nt worth ur passion my dear.... keep it up!great stuffs, wonderful scene!enjoy!

Farhan Akmal said...

yeay xyah jual!!

yamin said...

yay! memang byk free time ek...

arip =p said...

ada hati nk suh pa'an jual utk beli cincin tuh hohoho...