Monday, July 14, 2008

[D.I.Y] Simple Touch-Up

What do you need?

1. Sand paper
2. Spray paint - color of choice + clear coat
3. newspaper
4. some tapes

Assess the damage

a motorcycle clipped my cannard. haih.
I guess I parked toooo close with the roadside curb

First of all, you need to remove all those easily peeled paint by hand. Just peel it. Then by using coarser sand paper, start grinding. Switch to a finer sand paper when the surface is reasonably smooth after applying the coarser one. Continue doing it until you are satisfied with the smoothness. The more smooth you go, the more you'll like the finish.

Then its time cover up. Cover up all neighbouring parts that you wish not to respray. Tapes and newspaper are the way to go. They are cheap and readily available in most home. Start spraying. I used the same color as the undercoat because I'm too lazy+stingy to buy another spray can. Spray it layer by layer, preferably multiple thin layer seperated by about 5-10 minutes of drying. This will produce better result as compared to 1 thick layer of paint.
Normally you need a clearcoat to protect the paint and make the appearance more appeal, or shiny. However in my case, I didn'y apply any clear coat as I wanted a flat black finnish. So here's my results:


naz said...

Hey welcome back to the blogging world! Still loyal to your no.1 gf yea... hehe. I have a friend who's obsessed with detailing jugak.

kazness said...

an! terornya! thanks for the info! kaz really need that! kete byk calar lah!

Farhan Akmal said...

naz: hehe. dont say like that naz. nanti my real gf mengamuk! wakaka

kaz: glad i could help :)

nur nadia said...

wow this is a guy who really knows how to treat his car, haha