Saturday, July 19, 2008

[D.I.Y] Soundproofing Your Ride

Have you ever wish your car cabin room is as quiet as those luxurious car? Well, in this D.I.Y, though it wont be as quiet as you desire, but it is able to tone down the decibles.

What do u need?
1. 4x 50x50cm soundproofing materials
2. 1x ready made/cut soundproofing material
3. some of ur time & patients

First, get yourself soundproofing materials. Theres many types, but I chose this one. Got mine at Brothers, KJ for RM12.50 for each.
Next, you need to cut them accordingly because there is a safety bar inside your inner panel that prevent u from sticking the whole piece. The dimension is mentioned in the following pictures. [read: this is only true for Proton Satria model. Other cars, you need to inspect for yourself and determine the dimension]

Then, you need to open your door panel.

Next, peel the adhesive part to reveal the sticky part

then stick it according to the 3rd picture and walla, you are done with the panels.

Next part, soundproofing ur engine bay. U need a ready made/cut soundproofing material. Bought mine for RM38 at Brothers. If u want to save even more, u can buy another 2 50x50cm materials instead and cut it yourself. You need to trace it first to make a template. This is too time consuming and hassle for me and not worth my RM13.

Next is to figure out which match with which section. Its like playing jigsaw puzzle! When u have idenfify them, peel the adhesive and stick it! its really FUN!

and WALLA, you are done! Your car will feel more comfortable to your ears and feel more luxurious. Just dont expect a total silence as sound will still enter the car via other body part and windows, and also do remember, those luxurious car uses very expensive tyres, which is very quiet as compared to our normal cheap tyres. (like my Silverstone tyres, its the cheapest around, but the loudest too)


Nik Faris said...

Pakai la tayar Yokohama S Drive :D

arip... said...

buatkn keta sy skali bole huehuehue....

Farhan Akmal said...

nik oi.. ko sponsor aku la. tayar 16" ni rege cam israel sket

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