Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Top 11 Reasons To Date a Pharmacist

Top 10 reasons as taken from Facebook. I've added no 11 :)

1-Very clean life style and bed style too.

2-We are well trained to listen.

3-Drug Dealers….with a license! Hell yea..

4-Free drugs, condoms, and birth control pills…We play safe!

5-When it comes to measures we are precise, gentle, and got a whole bunch of leaks before reaching the end point! lol,don’t u just love Titration?!

6-We know quite enough anatomy, to know what works and where.

7-We own a variety of lotions, creams and gels, and aren't afraid to use them.

8-We do it over the counter, in the car, and on hospital beds all day long.

9-We never miss a target

10-Love is all about chemistry, right?…Well so is Pharmacy !

11-We've mastered in sustained release formulations, providing relieve and pleasure that last all day

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izyan said...

ha, now that's funny :P